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We believe that everyone can sing and will enjoy singing if they are encouraged to find their voice, live the song and relax into it. We can  ALL sing and benefit greatly from singing together.


It is truly a joy to sing in a big group of 60+ as you get lost in the song - nothing else matters in the moment, just the joy of singing!


We emphasise the social apects of singing with a big group by getting to know each other and take our time before we start. We have a warm up  (no embarrassing, silly songs) with a few vocal exercises, a simple song and a stretch or two. We are ready to sing!


The band then model a song and let participants choose the melody,a lower or upper harmony. No music, no notes - everything is done by ear. We start with an easy song in three part harmony and often try it without instruments first (a capella)


We usually sing 2-3 songs, let people choose their part, rehearse one bit at a time, then add the band.  The band bring the song to life! This section of the workshop is generally the best bit - lots of practice, singing, harmony and laughs!


We end the workshop by recording all songs and send them out to all participants by email. After each session we try to find out how we can improve it..........and may pop to the pub, for a debrief!

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